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Jainai Jeffries | fydbac


Date: July 25, 2009
Tattoo: Custom design, cute notes singing, one smiling

Was FUN. I want to color more. Filling in with color completely, rather than leave any skin tone, makes it SO much better.


Date: July 8th, 2009

Was taken just a week ago. 2 weeks after the date above (the day I actually did it). Will retake picture once healed and I go back over some spots to darken. Hopefully I'll have my replacement camera by then.

Unfortunately, will always be the tattoo that marked the day I got robbed of so much artwork. Que sera sera. Moving on....


033location: finger

location: wrist

location: left hip

Date: July 28, 2009

Hate flash, like script. Horrible pictures of the Los Angeles one.


Date: July 12, 2009
Tattoo: Custom "evil" and "good" wings
Location: Back of upper arm (Left is "evil", right is "good")
Needle: 7RL and 13M

Tattoo 030 and 031 have to be re-shoot; as I lost all my equipment and a majority of my artwork in a recent robbery.

015 | finished

Date: 6/27/09
Tattoo: $100 US bills coming out from a slit in his arm (custom drawn based on a design from his friend)
Needle: 9m

I believe I fixed the shading up better. But again, will see for sure when it heals.


Date: 6/26/09
Tattoo: B*A*S (scripted by his friend)


Date: 6/24/09 (line work) 6/25/09 (shade)
Tattoo: Custom evil and sad clown masks.

I did the line work the day before. When he came in the next day, it looked weird like I went too deep. But I swear I only went as deep as I usually go, which isn't deep at all. Guess I'll see when it heals. And I swear they appeared to have more depth in person after I finished. Again, guess I'll see when it heals.

Line work:

026 [first cover] - 027


Date: June 22, 2009
Tattoo: Dedication | Determination | Elevation
Location: Right under arm | Chest | Left under arm

He wanted it filled in. I wanted to finish it. But he decided to save that part for another day.

026 | first cover | wip

I forgot to take a picture of it before starting. I remember just as I started covering it.

Click to zoom in (as with EVERY picture posted on the site)

Date: June 22, 2009
Tattoo: Custom Mario (nintendo) bomb, freehanded on skin.
Location: Right wrist

He'll return so I may feel in the smoke (lower left of feet), and make the shoes black (The red didn't show up on his skin very well ).



Date: 6|21|09
Tattoo: Arabic script, meaning "God"
Location: Left side back shoulder
Needle: 11M

Again, used water for grey wash. This was simple, but oh so fun, especially with my new love "cup of water" gray wash. I think I may have left it too light. But we'll see.

Need to take a better picture


Date: 6|21|09
Tattoo: "R" and "J" script
Location: Left side back of arm "R" | Right side back of arm "J"
Needle: 7RL | 11M

My first time using just a cup of water to make grey wash. I LOVE the cup of water technique. i do believe I found my prefered grey wash. Lays on so smooth and evenly.

But of course, I won't know for sure till it heals.